House Salad Greens/Carrot/Onion Cucumber/House Dressing 6 Green Salad Greens/Heriloom Tomato Blue Cheese/Crouton House Dressing 10 Briezza Pizza Fig sauce/Brie Cheese Granny Smith Apple Bacon Jam 12 Blistered Green Beans Hericots Vert/Heirloom Tomato Garlic/Shallot/Brown Butter Red Wine 9 Garlic Potato Hash Yukon Potato/Onion/Garlic Brown Butter/Cheese Blend 8 Hoisin Glazed Brisket Brisket/Hoisin/Garlic/Lime Rice Wine/Fish Sauce Basmati Crispy Rice 14 Camarones De Diablo Crispy Tiger Shrimp/Coleslaw/Lime El Diablo Sauce 13


Smoked Salmon Atlantic Salmon/Herb Cream Cheese Sweet Chili Sauce/Pickled Red Onion Egg/Caper/Arugula Pesto Lavosh Cracker 17 Blackened Brussels Sprouts Sprouts/Garlic/Shallot/Cheese White Balsamic 8 Boar Street Tacos Wild Boar/Cotija Cheese Jalapeno Onion Relish Fried Corn Tortilla/Verde Sauce 15 Smoked BBQ Plate St. Louis Ribs/Pulled Pork Boar-BQ Sauce/Pickle/Cornbread Honey Jalapeno Butter 17 Elk Sliders* Elk/Ricotta/Bacon Jam Pickled Onion/Greens/Brioche 15 House Bacon Pork Belly/White Balsamic 7 Add a Side of House Bacon to any Dish 3