White bean Dip White Bean/Garbanzo/Tahini/Garlic Shallots/Naan 8 Elk Sliders* Elk/Greens/Pepperjack Cheese Bacon Jam/Pickled Onion/Broiche 12 Boar Street Tacos Wild Boar/Cotija Cheese/Jalapeno Onion/Cilantro/Lime/Corn Tortilla 12 Blackened Brussels Sprouts Sprouts/Garlic/Shallot/Cheese/Herbs 7 House Bacon Pork Belly/White Balsalmic/Herbs 6 Truffle mac and cheese White Truffle/4 cheese Blend garlic/ShallotsG12 Housemade Desserts! Ask your server about our rotating menu! 6.5
Warm Snap Pea Salad Chicken Pot Pie Chicken/Potatoes/Celery/carrots Corn/Peas/puff pastry 12 Smoked Salmon Pacific Salmon/Herb Cream Cheese Sweet Chili Sauce/Pickled Onion/Egg Capers/mint Chimichurri/Lavosh Cracker 12 Smoked BBQ Plate St. Louis Ribs/Pulled Pork /Potato Latke/ House BBQ/Chipolte/Carolina BBQ 14 Potato Bacon Soup Potatoes/Bacon/Cheese Blend/Garlic Shallots 6 Spaghetti Squash Spaghetti Squash/Squash Seed Brittle Brown Butter/apple Fig Sauce 7 Hours Of Operation Thursday thru Sunday 4pm to 10pm Happy Hour! 4pm to 6pm Thursday & Friday Only! 1$ Off Craft Beers/Wines/Cocktails 3$ Off Bottle Of Wine House Pizza Rotating Weekly!