The Dean Public House Carryout and local delivery 412 W. NEVAVA ST. HSS 4pm - 7pm Thu-Sun 800-923-3690 Starters House Salad - Small 5/ Large 8 Greens, Onion, Cucumber, Carrot Mushroom, Tomato, House Dressing Caesar Salad* - Small 5/ Large 8 Romaine, Crouton, Parmesan, Caesar Greek Salad - Small 6/ Large 9 Romaine, Cucumber, Tomato, Olive Feta Cheese, Crouton, Greek Dressing Pizzas 8”Pan Style 8”Pan Style OR 10” Thin Crust The Big Cheese - 8 Marinara, Cheese Blend Add Pepperoni or Sausage for $2 The Dean Supreme - 13 Marinara, Pepperoni, Sausage, Black Olive, Onion, Bell Pepper, Mushroom, Cheese Garden of Eatin’ - 13 Alfredo, Pesto, Mushroom, Onion, Sundried Tomato, Artichoke, Olive, Cheese Buffalo Chicken - 13 Buffalo Sauce, Chicken, Pickled Onion, Jalapeno, Pineapple, Bleu Cheese, Ranch “The Royal” W/ Cheese - 14 Slider Sauce, Hamburger, Bacon, Lettuce Lettuce Tomato, Pickle, Red Onion, Cheese Blend Margarita - 12 Garlic Oil, Tomatoes, Buffallo Mozzarella, Basil, Balsalmic Redux Meal Deals Small Meal Deal - 30 Choice of 1 Large Starter 2 Pizzas 2 Cookies 2 Coke Products Family Meal Deal - 50 Choice of 2 Large Starters 4 Pizzas 4 Cookies 4 Coke Products