Craft Cocktails Irish Coffee Jameson/Coffee/Irish Cream** 10 Spiked Cider Buffalo Trace/Organic Apple Juice Spices/Cranberry 10 Hot Buttered Rum Meyer’s Dark /Butter/Spices Barenjager Honey Whip 11 Irish Ginger Jameson/Ginger Beer** Peychaud’s Bitters/Candied Ginger 10 Irish Monk Dewars/Yellow Chartreuse Honey Simple/Angostura/Lime 12 Old Fashioned Bulleit Bourbon/Sugar Angostura Bitters/Soda MI Brandied Cherries/Orange 12 Boulvardier Bulleit Rye/Punt e Mes Campari/Candied Michigan Cherry 12 Spicy Mule Pepper-Infused COVodkaCo Ginger Beer**/Jalapeno/Lime 10 Beetini COVodkaCo/Beet Shrub**/Tonic Genepy des Alpes/Lemon/Lavender 10 Mexican Almond Cazadores Reposado/Amaretto** Agave Simple/Orange Bitters Charred orange Peel/Smoked Ice 11 The Bee’s Knees Grenall’s Gin/Lemon Juice Honey & Thyme Simple 10 **Items are hand-crafted in house Beer/Domestic...............4.5 Budweiser/Bud Light/Coors/Coors Light PBR Beer/Craft........................6 Blue Moon - Belgian White Deschutes Red Chair - Red American Pale Ale Left Hand Milk - Sweet Milk Stout Ninkasi Total Domination - India Pale Ale Ninkasi Vanilla Oatis - Vanilla Oatmeal Stout New Belgium Fat Tire - Belgian Amber O’dell’s 90 Shilling - Amber Ale O’Dell’s Cuthroat - Porter Oskar Blues Dale’s - Pale Ale Oskar Blues Mama’s Little Yella Pils - Pilsner Rogue Hazelnut Nectar - Brown Ale Square Mile Cider - Apple Cider(semi-dry) Whites Rich and Creamy Chardonnay 7/25 Lodi, California A to Z Pinot Gris 8/28 Oregon Overstone Sauvignon Blanc 8/28 Marlborough, New Zealand Astoria Moscato 11/32 Italy Astoria Prosecco 11/32 Italy Reds Canoe Ridge “The Expedition” Cabernet Sauv 11/32 Horse Heaven Hills, Washington D.V. Catena Historico Malbec 10/30 Mendoza, Argentina Pedroncelli Zinfandel 8/28 Sonoma County, California LaFollette Pinot Noir 12/40 North Coast, California Manon Tempranillo 7/25 Castilla, Spain Root:1 Carmenere 8/28 Colchuga Valley, Chile Non-Alcoholic Italian Cream Soda...3.5 Ginger Beer...3.5 Sarsaparilla...3.5 Coke Product...2.25 Iced Tea...2.25 Juice...2.25 Lemonade...2.25 French Press Coffee...4 Hot Tea...2.25 Hot Cider...4 Hot Chocolate...2.25