Craft Cocktails Spiked & Spiced Cider Bulleit Rye Big B’s Organic Spiced Apple Cider Candied Cherry/Orange 9 Hot Buttered Rum Meyer’s Dark Rum DPH Spiced Butter Batter Amaretto Whipped Cream 9 Mexican Toddy Cazadores Reposado Tequila Ginger Agave Syrup/Hot Water/Lime 9 When Witches Fly Idlewild Alpine Gin Luxardo Maraschino Liqueur Rothman & Winter Creme de Violette 11 The Confluence Idlewild Rye/Cynar Mint/DPH Triple Sec 12 Chrysanthemum Tribuno Dry Vermouth/Benedictine Golden Moon Redux Absinthe Rinse 11 Beetini COVodkaCo/DPH Red Beet Shrub Genepy des Alpes/Tonic/Lemon Lemon & Lavender Sugar Rim 10 Irish Ginger Jameson/DPH Ginger Beer Peychaud’s Bitters Candied Ginger 10 Spicy Mule Spicy Pepper-Infused COVodkaCo DPH Ginger Beer/DPH Lime-Herb Bitters Jalapeno/Lime 10 Old Fashioned Bulleit Bourbon/Sugar Angostura Bitters/Soda DPH Brandied Cherries/Orange 12 Beer/Draft 12 oz Pour Baker’s Brewing/Barking Dog Brown - Brown Ale Dillon, CO/5.6%/$5 Bell’s/Two Hearted - American Pale Ale Kalamazoo, MI/7%/$5 Butcherknife/ Amputator - India Pale Ale Steamboat Springs, CO/7.2%/$5 Butcherknife/Buzzcock - English Dark Mild Ale Steamboat Springs, CO/5.3%/$4 Butcherknife/Hefeweizen - German Hefeweizen Steamboat Springs, CO/5,5%/$4 Epic/Son of a Baptist - Imperial Coffee Stout Denver, CO/8%/$5 Short’s Local’s Light - American Lager Bellaire, MI/3.6%/$4 Tivoli Slam Dunkel - Dunkel Bock Denver, CO/5.5%/$4 Beer/Bottle Budweiser - $4 Bud Light - $4 Coors Banquet - $4 Coors Light - $4 PBR Tallboy Can - $5 Blue Moon - Belgian White - $6 Starcut Pulsar - Dry Apple Cider - $6 Wines Whites Cline Chardonnay 9/26 Sonoma Coast, CA Settesoli Pinot Grigio 7/21 Piedmont, Italy Overstone Sauvignon Blanc 8/24 Marlborough, New Zealand Lunetta Prosecco 10 split Trento, Italy Reds Canoe Ridge “The Expedition” Cabernet Sauv 11/33 Horse Heaven Hills, Washington Alta Vista Malbec 8/24 Mendoza, Argentina Pedroncelli Zinfandel 10/30 Sonoma County, California Carmel Road Pinot Noir 10/30 Monterey, California Non-Alcoholic Italian Cream Soda...3.5 DPH Sarsaparilla...3.5 DPH Ginger Beer...3.5 DPH Lemonade...2.5 Flavored Lemonade...3 Coke Product...2.5 Iced Tea...2.5 Juice...3 French Press Coffee...6 Hot Tea...2.5 Hot Chocolate...2.5 Hot Cider...4